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Why Invest in Africa? The Practical Guide

This free Whitepaper by Investure explains why investing in Africa is the best investment you can make now. In this brief, you learn everything you need to know about this emerging market, the key fundamentals, challenges and prospects, as well as how you can practically invest there.

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The African growth story has been told one too many times, what makes this time any different? In addition to the strong fundamentals which we will present in this guide, there are a number of unique and unprecedented factors and trends that make the case for investing in Africa, now rather than later. For instance COVID-19 that is accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, thus creating a conducive environment for investing in digital products and services, as well as technology and infrastructure.

Africa is undergoing a radical transformation, characterized by a big, dynamic, young and growing population, high levels of technology adoption; increasing middle class, regional integration, high rates of economic growth, among others.

At the same time, there are major challenges that require capital, know-how, good policy environment, and an efficient infrastructure to fuel the ongoing revolution and keep the region on the growth trajectory it is on.

There is slow progress and gross under funding for sustainable development goals (SDGs). 90% of the SDGs are funded in developed markets, only 60% are funded in developing markets and just a mere 10% are funded in Africa.

Africa is the last frontier of global growth. Mobilizing and channeling the required funding would help the continent overcome the sustainability challenges it faces and become a prosperous economic partner to the rest of the world.

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