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Ultiro starts cooperation with Eversoft

Our company Ultiro is very excited to announce that it has starting a new cooperation with Eversoft.

We are very happy about finalizing our discussions and starting a new partnership, so we are looking forward to working together in the upcoming months!” – Jerzy Drojecki, Eversoft CEO.

Eversoft is a Software Development Company with a Business First Approach, known for their in-depth technical knowledge and extensive industry experience.

Ultiro's new partner is a leading software development company and a trustworthy consultant to European and international companies. They offer a full portfolio of software development services ranging from conception and consulting to delivery and launch. Their expertise and passion to build the best solutions ensures your software is optimized for future business goals in terms of technology and architecture.

The Ultiro team is a unique blend of energetic entrepreneurs, experienced international operators and world-class product developers. They are backed by a network of innovative partners and strategic stakeholders, committed to identify problems, discover opportunities, and build the world's next great products, brands, and companies.

By combining its competences and experience with the Eversoft team in the Swedish and Nordic market, Ultiro will be able to deliver more efficient solutions to its customers and give them a competitive edge.

"This cooperation will increase our capacity and enable us to better serve our Swedish and Nordic customers.” – Michael Akampa, Ultiro AB CEO.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting new partnership.

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