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Investure launches NOBON in an exciting expansion into the Voluntary Carbon Market

Founded in 2020, Investure is a Stockholm-based FinTech startup that launched with the goal of mobilising capital to developing markets and bridging the SDG-funding gap. Through the Investure platform, we've supported African companies in raising equity, debt and blended finance funding, and supported professional investors in co-investing and syndicating deals.

In 2021, Investure won Mastercard's programme for future "Impact Unicorns".

With a vision to create impact at scale, we're now expanding into the voluntary carbon market through a new carbon credit platform, launching Q1 2023. Through the new NOBON platform, we strive to empower local communities in lower-income countries to develop and own carbon projects through carbon financing. We offer a better way to buy, trade, retire and custody carbon credits for global buyers, and we promote financial inclusion for communities in developing countries through integrated financial products, all while accelerating the global transition to net zero.

Read the full press release here and visit NOBON's newly launched website to find out more and to register on our waitlist for early access to the first carbon projects and carbon credits launching Q1 2023.

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