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Bridging Gender Financing Gaps with Gender Lens Investing in Developing Markets

This inspiring blog by Investure highlights how Women’s inequality entails large economic costs for Countries and Globally, the excruciating impact of COVID-19 on gender equality, and how Gender Lens investing can help bridge the gaps.

Women and girls play a key role as powerful agents of economic growth, stability, and sustainability. Women’s inequality entails large economic costs not only for them, but also for their households and countries.

Globally, countries are losing $160 trillion in wealth due to disparities in lifetime earnings between women and men, which is about twice the value of GDP globally. With gender equality in earnings, global human capital wealth could increase by 21.7 percent, and total wealth by 14.0 percent.

Women account for only 38 percent of global human capital wealth versus 62 percent for men. In developing countries, women account for a third or less of human capital wealth. On a per capita basis, gender inequality in earnings could lead to losses in wealth of $23,620 per person globally. Achieving gender equality would have far reaching benefits for women and girls’ welfare, their households and communities, and help countries reach their full development potential, as well as achievement of the global agenda 2030.

However, according to data from the World Economic Forum compiled by Statista, it could take up to 257 years to balance the scales. With less than a decade left to 2030, it is critical to escalate the efforts being made to advance gender equality.


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